Patti’s life story added so much to our weekend services.  The message on Moses and the burning bush (and his many excuses!) perfectly suited her own journey.  Her portion of the message brought to life God’s ability to use each of us, no matter our gifts or flaws.  Her humor was evident.  Her struggles were quickly, concisely explained.  Her stutter actually drew people in–they all but leaned forward to understand and support her efforts.  Many people were touched by her courage and perseverance, and quite a few contacted us to let us know of their renewed passion to follow God, no matter what, because of her story.  -Mike Madding, Senior Pastor, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC

For me….one of the most powerful messages ever!  I happened to talk to the woman who prayed to receive Christ that day at Catawba Valley Campus, so you can celebrate your part of making that service a venue where God came near and was made clear to that woman in particular!   Awesome!  -Vanessa Kenney, The Cove Church, NC

I have known Patti for many years. I have had the opportunity to see her grow in her faith from a new believer to an incredible woman of God. Patti’s testimony is powerful and is meant to be shared with many people. The enemy wants to remind us of our weaknesses and all the reasons we cannot serve God. Through Patti’s life, God reminds us of His overwhelming grace and power to overcome all obstacles which ultimately brings Him glory through our weakness. Patti has shared at our retreats and ministry outreaches. Each time, God uses her to open hearts and encourage all who hear her message. She is a true inspiration to us all. – Billy Wayne Arrington, President of Vision Productions, Inc./ Billy Wayne Ministries, Kingsport, TN

I have known Patti for 17 years both in a personal and professional way.  Patti had the desire to serve the Lord but for her, her stuttering was holding her back…or so it seemed.  As she grew and matured in her faith, she began to hear from God in ways that challenged her to her core.  Like, preaching to the congregation!!  I am happy to say that she obeyed God not only then but many times since as she has shared her faith and the faithfulness of God through her speaking. She has inspired many who have heard her speak to put their faith in God who helps us to overcome adversity not always take it away.  Patti is a blessing and an inspiration to all who have heard her “speak!” -Deborah Zimmerman, Grace United Methodist, Perrysburg, Ohio

Hi Patti, I have to say, hearing your testimony over the weekend sent chills down my spine–I too have a stuttering problem. It’s gotten better over time but it still gets me too at times, and I definitely understand the nerve factor that I’m sure it took to get up there during the weekend services. Thank you for listening to the call of God and serving Him in your ministry. You have no idea the impact that your testimony had this weekend! Take care and God bless. –Dave Karlewicz, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC

What does it feel like hto ave God show up through you the way it did this weekend? Just know that the Statesville campus stood, clapped, and were in tears as though you were on the stage in front of us. You are an amazing inspiration!!!!   -Marion Spears Karr, Statesville, NC

Patti, what a delight to find your web site – and to remember all the wonderful times of prayer, discipleship, and witnessing here in Northwest Ohio. God used you in ways unexpected – to bless and encourage others in their walk of faith in Christ. Actually, I think you are just getting started. So, I pray that new doors of opportunity will open. I can imagine the Holy Spirit leading you to speak into the lives of many who will find hope because of your willingness to go beyond your natural comfort level. So, take courage, be full of faith, and trust the Lord to continue to bless others in His name. Thanks for your humor, your wonderful spirit of joy, and your great desire to share God’s love with others. Bill Bauman, Pastor, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Patti has been a Christian motivation and inspiration to many people in her former home town of Perrysburg, Ohio. Her love for God and desire to follow His will, has been wonderful to witness. Her story/testimony reminds me so much of Moses. God didn’t call Moses because he was an eloquent speaker, He chose him for his great faith, willingness to serve and his heart for Him.  God has called Patti to use what some might view as a weakness; but with God guiding, teaching, leading and filling her with His spirit, I have seen Patti’s words transform hearts and minds for Christ!  Patti’s heart, words, life and love for Christ have made an eternal impact on me and my family!  -Laura Wyrick,  Perrysburg, Ohio

Beautifully inspired message! I was moved by your testimony! And reminded how God is using my life. I am still here on this earth fighting cancer and experiencing God’s love daily!  Thanks Patti!  -Cynthia Ford, Houston, TX

I was so moved by your words. I was so proud of you and I didn’t even know you!!!  -Ana Julieta-Espinach Kennedy, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC

My friend, Hallie, and I were blessed to hear your story. You really encouraged me and instilled in me a determination to be used by God despite my fears, faults, and failures. -Kyra Gladden

WOW!  Patti – Praise to the God of the universe. He does have big plans for you! I had tears of joy throughout your talk……I am so thankful that you have seen one of the reasons that God wanted you to live where you live…… this would have NEVER happened in this way if you hadn’t been obedient in the move…… God really has big plans for all of His children, but you have shown what obedience looks like!!  -Tami Walbom, Perrysburg, Ohio

Patti, God was in the house all weekend…thank you for following Him…He used you in great ways!!! May God continue to do GREAT things through you!  -Rick Carney, Executive Pastor, The Cove Church, Mooresville, NC